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In our contemporary hectic world we often have no time for the necessary relaxation. And when we do find time, it usually is not very long. But how can you combine lack of time with proper rest? The answer is simple: you can make use of relax massages from Pleasure Prague Massage – they will deeply liberate your mind and prepare you for the next load of daily troubles.

Relax massages – for whom are they intended?

Long-term stress in a demanding employment and unhealthy lifestyle are currently usual problems for many of us. So if you feel this is really way too much for you, it is high time to slow down. Even this, however, is frequently not enough – you might feel the necessity of a complete „restart". And that is the right time for a relax massage – although we can recommend it basically to anybody, because the harmony of body and mind is important for absolutely all of us.

What is the course of relax massage?

Relax massages are made by experienced masseuses who gently touch and caress the whole bodies of their clients in the pleasant environment of the clients private hotel room. The massage is made in semidarkness, a candle being the only source of light. Calm and slow music plays an important part, too, inducing harmonic atmosphere in which you can totally relax and yield to the touches of your beautiful masseuse.

Positive effects on human body and mind

The aim of relax massages is a deep relaxation of body and mind, so they are indeed appropriate for everybody. In practice they have a positive effect on headaches and circulation of blood and they will also help you to discharge toxic substances out of your body. Last but not least they eliminate sense of mental and physical strain and provide you with new energy and strength. In brief, a relax massage is a pleasant way to quickly restore your lost harmony.

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  • Please give the Pleasure Prague Massage masseuse the opportunity to take a shower after the massage session.
  • Pleasure Prague Massage masseuses retain the right to refuse any client whose intention and behavior are not in keeping with our views and policies
  • Please take a refreshing shower before the arrival of the masseuse
  • Pleasure Prague Massage masseuses only accept cash (Czech Koruna, Euro and US Dollar only please)
  • Pleasure Prague Massage masseuses will never ask you personal information

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