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Any of the massages given by Pleasure Prague Massage can be combined with a prostate massage.

Stimulation of the man’s prostate gland at the same time as stimulating the penis is an advance technique in male genital massage. This kind of massage can be done with a finger put an inch or two inside one’s anus, when masseuse presses on the dome shape that can be found in the direction of the penis. When the masseuses of Pleasure Prague Massage stimulate the prostate, they have short fingernails and use lots of tube.

A lot of novices find it strange that anal penetration sometimes makes them feel as if they have to go to the bathroom. It is recommended to go to the bathroom prior to beginning to play. You will then be able to enjoy fully and will not interpret this new sensation in the old context. It can feel really amazing, when prostate gland is stimulated during ejaculation or when the man is close to ejaculating. Some men even experience ejaculatory orgasm through prostate stimulation alone.

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  • Please give the Pleasure Prague Massage masseuse the opportunity to take a shower after the massage session.
  • Pleasure Prague Massage masseuses retain the right to refuse any client whose intention and behavior are not in keeping with our views and policies
  • Please take a refreshing shower before the arrival of the masseuse
  • Pleasure Prague Massage masseuses only accept cash (Czech Koruna, Euro and US Dollar only please)
  • Pleasure Prague Massage masseuses will never ask you personal information

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