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Nuru Massages with Pleasure Prague Massage

Have you ever heard about nuru massage? And never had one? Now it’s time to get a nuru massage in Prague.

The basis of a nuru massage is an erotic body-to-body massage: the Pleasure Prague Massage masseuse doesn’t use solely her skilled hands and body, but also a nuru gel.

But let’s start from the beginning. Kindly welcome your masseuse in your room. Of course all our masseuses are discreet and neatly dressed. Your name is kept secret, because we respect your right to privacy. Once your masseuse is in your room, you will have a nice shower with her.

After the shower, your masseuse will ask you to lie down and relax. She will apply the nuru gel. This gel is made of Japanese nori algae and thanks to its composition it doesn´t dry as fast as lubricating or massage oil. Nuru gel allows the masseuse not to constantly add new layers but it can use the gel to massage – and slide over you – for a very long time.

Nuru gel decreases friction (and better sliding of masseuse on your body) and increases sensitivity of your skin. You feel your surroundings a lot better – not only gusts of wind, cold and heat, but especially the hot body of your Pleasure Prague Massage masseuse. Nuru gel is incredibly arousing.

You will feel the body of your masseuse sliding over your body as you have never felt before. You feel all her curves, and you will feel her hands massaging you.

After a body to body furious ride you will be extremely aroused. The masseuse will recognize that and she will start to take care of your most sensitive spots gently. The Pleasure Prague Massage masseuse knows how to play with you – until you cannot hold it any longer.

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  • Please give the Pleasure Prague Massage masseuse the opportunity to take a shower after the massage session. Why not join her in the shower?
  • Pleasure Prague Massage masseuses retain the right to refuse any client whose intention and behavior are not in keeping with our views and policies
  • With a nuru massage the masseuse and you will take a shower together before the massage
  • Pleasure Prague Massage masseuses only accept cash (Czech Koruna, Euro and US Dollar only please)
  • Pleasure Prague Massage masseuses will never ask you personal information

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